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Sunset Adventure

Cape Town

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Service Terms and Conditions

Please arrive 20 minutes BEFORE your trip since Cape Kayak holds the right to consider late arrival as a no-show and nonrefundable. Arriving late affects the safety of the entire group who arrived on time. If you miss the safety briefing which starts at departure time, you will not be refunded.

Inclusions *** double sea kayak, Flotation device, paddle.
What To Bring *** Sun protection, hat, sunglasses, water to drink is a good idea too.
What To Wear *** Comfortable beach wear (quick dry clothing is not essential but it is more comfortable). A windbreaker or long sleeve to keep the goosebumps away. YOu do get ocean splashed so bring a towel and a change of clothes for afterward.
Valuables **** You can store any valuables in a lockable locker at the shop. Electronics are best left onshore unless you have a waterproof bag that floats!

Cancellation Policy:
Bookings canceled by clients: > 24 hours notice | Refunded net of 10 % booking fee (transaction costs)
Bookings canceled by clients < 24 hours notice | Not Refundable
Bookings canceled by Cape Kayak Adventures | Refunded in full

Terms & Conditions:
- Each person party to the booking understands the dangers involved in kayaking and kayak-related activities and undertakes to stay within earshot of the guide(s) at all times and follow their instructions directly.
- Each person party to the booking is aware of the physical nature of kayaking and undertakes to inform Cape Kayak Adventures of any physical or medical condition that may affect their ability to kayak safely PRIOR to commencing the trip.
- Each person party to the booking will not hold Cape Kayak Adventures, the guides or any person(s) associated with Cape Kayak Adventures liable for any injury, physical hardship or loss or damage of equipment that may arise from their participation in such activities. Clothing and any other items taken on the trip will get wet - if it is not needed for the trip, it should be left behind.
- Each person party to the booking is responsible for damages to equipment arising from failing to adhere to the instructions given by the guides.
- Each person party to the booking undertakes not to use any alcohol during a kayak trip or within the 4 hour period prior to commencement of the trip.
- Each person party to the booking accepts that Cape Kayak Adventures, the guides or any other person associated with Cape Kayak Adventures have no control over weather and sea conditions, behavior of animals, or users of other craft.
- Should adverse weather conditions set in during the course of a trip, which at the sole discretion of the guide is considered to endanger the safety of the group, the trip may be terminated. In such an event, any refund, whether whole or in part, is at the discretion of the guide, having regard to the time elapsed, weather conditions or any other relevant circumstances.
Cape Kayak adventures take photographs of customers for marketing and social media and hold the right to use any photographs taken by our guides for marketing purposes.

Important Final Notes:

- PLEASE ensure you are contactable on the mobile number and email address provided by you in case we need to CANCEL your trip due to adverse weather.
- PLEASE NOTE weather can change suddenly along the coast, so in the unfortunate event that the conditions become unsafe we hold the right to CANCEL and REFUND you if you are unable to reschedule. If we have to cancel, we will notify you by text message and email so please ensure you are notifiable

Cape Kayak Adventures
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